Trees for Nottingham

An independent not-for-profit organisation set up to encourage greater recognition of the importance of trees in the urban landscape and to facilitate more tree-planting in Nottingham.


Trees for Nottingham

An independent not-for-profit organisation set up to encourage greater recognition of the importance of trees in the urban landscape and to facilitate more tree-planting in Nottingham.

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Our Purpose

Trees for Nottingham is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Our aim is to encourage greater recognition of the importance of trees in the urban landscape and to facilitate more tree planting in Nottingham.

Our Objective

One of our key objectives is to encourage local businesses to sponsor tree planting in the City by providing the necessary information about planting opportunities, pricing and publicity packages, and relevant contacts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make an important environmental contribution, encourage community involvement and above all to make the City of Nottingham an even more attractive place to live and work, with more varieties in more varied locations.

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Tree planting sponsors

The following companies have sponsored tree plantings.

Staff from Eden Design and Creation have planted 200 native trees at Sellers Wood in Bulwell in support of Nottingham in Bloom.

The company prides itself on its environmental credentials and last year sponsored the city’s grass lion. This year staff took time out to plant Maple, Ash and Holly trees to help extend the new woodland, which is at the edge of the High Wood Cemetery site in Bulwell and will eventually comprise 12,500 trees.

Managing Director Neil Walker says: “Our staff are proud to support Nottingham in Bloom’s efforts to make the city cleaner and greener. We hope other companies will follow suit and do their bit to help Nottingham’s bid to be recognised as one of the greenest communities in the country.”

Last year Nottingham won the title of ‘ Best Large City’ in the Britain in Bloom competition and this year has been invited to compete in the prestigious ‘Champion of Champions’ category. Results will be announced in September.

Creating a wildlife copse

Thomson-Reuters have become the latest company to sponsor trees in Nottingham. Staff joined Nottingham City Council’s Senior Park Ranger, John Simpson, to plant 200 trees including Hawthorn, Oak, Silver Birch, Blackthorn and Cornus to help create a small wildlife copse within Woodthorpe Park.

Olwen Davies from Thomson-Reuters said: “It was the best day’s work I’ve ever had!”

Sherwood tree takes root

Sherwood Press Group has planted a native Oak in Wollaton Park to mark the start of the company’s sponsorship of the park’s Sensory Garden. Environmental Manager Paul Watson planted the tree on behalf of the company, and is pictured here assisted by Nottingham City Council arboricultural officer Anna Murphy.

Paul said: “The Sherwood Press were thrilled to win the Experian Award for Nottingham Environmental Printer of the Year, and as a continuation of our commitment to environmental issues, a decision was taken to use the prize money of £2,500 to support the Sensory Garden in Wollaton Park and to plant a replacement native Oak tree needed on Digby Avenue. We are keen to get involved in a practical way and our staff will be helping to plant the Sensory Garden soon.”

The garden has just been redesigned by Sue Crosby, who is researching social therapeutic horticulture at Trent University, and planting should be completed by about the end of April. Sue also works for the NHS as a horticulture instructor for adults with mental health difficulties and she is being helped in the garden by a team of volunteers who use mental health services. They are being trained in horticulture for health and therapy benefits and to improve their employment prospects.


Nottingham company T&S Heating Ltd has pledged to plant a tree for every boiler it sells. It made a start when staff planted 200 young trees at Seller’s Wood in Bulwell.

Managing Director Malcolm Theakstone says: “T&S Heating is more than happy to join the Nottingham in Bloom campaign in order to help improve the local area where our employees and customers live and work.”

“The tree planting initiative is the latest of our company’s efforts to address green issues and to reduce our level of carbon emissions as part of our ISO14001 accreditation. The boilers we fit are energy efficient and meet the latest standards, and we also promote renewable energy such as solar powered heating. We have recently converted two vans to LPG and if this is a success we will convert the rest of our fleet of 50.”

The company has been established for more than 30 years and has 70 employees. It deals with both domestic and large-scale contracts and aims to install between 1250-1500 boilers this year – and to plant the same number of trees.

AST Language Services Ltd

Nottingham translation company AST Language Services Ltd have recently sponsored the planting of a North American Redwood tree (Sequoiadendron giganteum) that will grow up to 50 metres tall.

AST were the first sponsors of the TreesforNottingham scheme after Managing Director Andrew Schlich came up with the idea and approached Nottingham in Bloom.

TreesforNottingham was then set up in partnership with Nottingham in Bloom to encourage local businesses to sponsor plantings of single trees, or participate in larger-scale organised tree plantings in the City.


Sponsored tree plantings are organised through our partner Parks for Nottingham, part of the City Council. Please fill in the form below so that we can start to arrange your sponsorship package.

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